How to register?

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How to register?

Post by Sprezlaus » Mon May 13, 2013 8:45 pm

Dear visitor,

Following circumstances beyond our will, we have been forced to deactivate the registration of new users through the website.

This does not mean that we won't welcome you as a new member, the only consquence is that the admin-team has to manually register new members.

What steps should you follow?
Click here to compose us an e-mail and a new e-mail-message will be opened. If you are using a webmail-service like Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo//..., you can copy our e-mail-address from this message and copy it into your webmail-application.

In this mail, you should include the following:
-The nickname you want to use
-The e-mail-address you want to use
-Date of birth
-Interest (General RC, Airplanes, Vehicles, Watercrafts or Helicopters)

The system will pick a temporary and random password for you, you can easily change it with this link. Your password will be e-mailed automatically to you as soon as your account has been created, if you don't find this e-mail in your inbox, please check your "Spam-folder".
We try to process new applications within 24 hours and we will confirm the creation of your account with a manually sent e-mail-message.

Keep in mind that this forum is mainly in Dutch, but as most of us master the English language, we accept English posts as well.
To read the Dutch post we advice you to use the Chrome-browser, which has a built-in translator.

We hope to have you amongst our members soon!

Remote controlled regards,

The admin-team of
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